8 oz. bottle
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Directions for Use

(Note: Booty-Fresh™ works best when your booties are still wet or damp when treated.)

Gently swirl or invert the bottle a few times before use. Tilt the bottle into your booty and squeeze for a second or two. (This will dispense about 0.5 oz.) Squeeze your booty closed and shake or invert it a few times. (Pretend you're mixing a martini.) Let Booty-Fresh™ soak into the toe, body, and ankle of your booties, then leave them alone. That's it. No rinsing is necessary. Those of us with really nasty booties may need a second application to start.
Booty-Fresh™ actually works better when you let it soak in. Bacteria and mold get trapped in the rubber where simple rinsing with fresh water can't reach them. Allowing Booty-Fresh™ to soak in lets the enzymes and oils penetrate and attack the odor-causing crud.

The shelf-life of Booty-Fresh™ is 2 years when stored at room temperature. For best results, we recommend protecting Booty-Fresh™ from extreme cold or hot temperatures. Keep Booty-Fresh™ in its original opaque container, to protect it from light, and do not mix Booty-Fresh™ with any other chemicals. These circumstances may diminish its effectiveness.
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About Booty-Fresh
Developed by surfers and general water lovers from San Diego, Booty-Fresh™ contains nothing but natural enzymes and organic components. This proprietary blend of scientifically tested ingredients fights odor at its source.

Booty-Fresh™ contains natural enzymes that are among the safest and most effective cleaning agents available on the planet. Safe and biodegradable, Booty-Fresh™ will not harm marine life, people, pets, plants, children, or the environment. The formulation is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Plus, Booty-Fresh™ contains no harsh chemicals, no chlorine, and no ammonia.

Non Toxic            Petroleum Free           Ammonia-Free
Hypoallergenic     Biodegradable            Glycol-Free
Caustic Free        Chlorine Free              Phosphate-Free
Dye-Free             No Animal Testing

There have been no reported cases where Booty-Fresh™ has caused an allergic reaction.
We don't want to brag, but this stuff will make your booties smell good and keep them that way with regular use.