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8 oz. bottle
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The eco-friendly way to keep your booties smelling fresh!
If you're like us, you're in water a lot. And when the water's cold, you wear booties. Great things, booties. If you surf, dive, wind surf, kite surf, kayak, canoe, Jet Ski®, WaveRun® (WaveRun?), sail, or do anything else in cool water, booties keep your feet warm and keep your toes from going numb. One problem though: BOOTIES STINK! 

You know it's true. Your booties smell. In fact, they reek. You have no idea how much crud accumulates in them. And, trust us, you don't want to know. (We've done tests.)

If you store your booties in the garage, the garage smells. If you hang them in the bathroom, the bathroom smells. If you keep them in your car, your car smells. (You know it's bad when your dog won't get in.) Ifyou happen to leave them in your bedroom, forget about it, and good luck to you.

Booty-Fresh™is an all-natural, eco-friendly solution to the problem of booty odor.
Bacteria and mold hide in the nooks and crannies of wetsuit material and they feed on the microscopic food found in ocean, lake, and river water.Simply rinsing your aquatic gear with fresh water doesn't work. Bacteria and mold remain trapped inside your booties and they still stink.

A blend of organic enzymes and natural oils, Booty-Fresh™ is scientifically tested to attack odor at its source. The enzymesused are among the safest and most effective cleaning agents available on the planet. The formulation is non-hazardous, non-toxic, and non-flammable. Plus, it does not contain any harsh chemicals, chlorine, or ammonia.

Booty-Fresh™ doesn't cost much: A single bottle will get you through Fall and Winter.

Booty-Fresh™ is very easy to use: Just squirt some in your booties, shake them, and leave them alone.

Booty-Fresh™ is all natural and eco-friendly: No harm to the environment, sea life, your skin, or, uh, your booty.